January 3, 2017

NMAP Pops 2017 Cork with New Domain Name; Revised Website

Go to www.buildNMAP.com

The Coalition for the National Museum of the American People today announced its new web domain name, changing from nmap2015.com to buildNMAP.com.

We are also announcing our revised web site and invite everyone to take a look at it.

"We begin 2017 with a renewed effort to make the National Museum of the American People a reality," said Coalition director Sam Eskenazi.

The museum, which will tell the story about the making of the American People, will celebrate all of the peoples who came to this land and nation, from the first to the most recent. The museum is backed by 225 organizations representing 69 ethnic, nationality and minority American groups.

"It is needed now more than ever to contribute to our national identity and foster unity," Eskenazi said. "The museum will show how our founding documents helped shape the American character and it will embody our original national motto, E Pluribus Unum -- From Many, One."



To interview Sam Eskenazi: sam@buildNMAP.com; 202-744-1868.
For more information about this project, go to www.buildNMAP.com.