Over 140 Eminent Scholars Are Affiliated with Coalition

As of November 2020, over 140 scholars from around the globe specializing in the migration and immigration of various peoples support the National Museum of the American People. They will provide the intellectual bedrock upon which this institution would be built.

The scholars represent a range of disciplines, including historians, anthropologists and sociologists. The Museum and the story it will tell about all of the peoples coming to this land will be scholarly–driven and ensure the highest standards of scholarship. Historians, anthropologists, archeologists, ethnologists, human geographers, demographers, geneticists, linguists and others would help develop the story.

The story would follow a consensus of their views, and significant evidence-based historic and scientific alternative views could also be included. As scientific and historic consensus changes, appropriate changes could be made in the Museum. With force and clarity, the Museum will examine the story of the making of the American People.

These scholars support the formation of the Museum and they will be called upon to help develop the Museum's story.

Arturo J. Aldama

Associate Professor of Ethnic and Latina/o Studies, Associate Chair, Department of Ethnic Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder (Ph.D. -- University of California, Berkeley)

Author of: Disrupting Savagism: Intersecting Chicana/o, Mexican Immigrant and Native American Struggles for Representation.

Frederick Luis Aldama

University Distinguished Scholar & Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor, The Ohio State University (Ph.D. -- Stanford University)

Author of: Latinos and Narrative Media: Participation and Portrayal; Latinos in the End Zone: Conversations on the Brown Color Line in the NFL; and Multicultural Comics: From Zap to the Blue Beetle.

Eiichiro Azuma

Alan Charles Kors Term Associate Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D. -- UCLA)

Author of: Between Two Empires: Race, History, and Transnationalism in Japanese America.

Anny Bakalian

Associate Director, Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center, Graduate Center, City University of New York (Ph.D. -- Columbia University)

Co-Author of: Backlash 9/11: Middle Eastern and Muslim Americans Respond; Armenian-Americans - From Being to Feeling Armenian.

Carl L. Bankston

Professor of Sociology, Tulane University (Ph.D. -- Louisiana State University)

Author of: Growing Up American: How Vietnamese Children Adapt to Life in the United States; Blue Collar Bayou: Louisiana Cajuns in the New Economy of Ethnicity; Public Education – America's Civil Religion: A Social History.

Ron Bayor

Professor of History and Chair of the School of History, Technology and Society, Georgia Tech., and former president, Immigration and Ethnic History Society (Ph.D. -- University of Pennsylvania)

Author of: Neighbors in Conflict: The Irish, Germans, Jews, and Italians of New York City, 1929-1941; Fiorello LaGuardia: Ethnicity and Reform; and Race and the Shaping of Twentieth-Century Atlanta. Founding editor of: Journal of American Ethnic History. Editor of: The Columbia Documentary History of Race and Ethnicity in America; Race and Ethnicity in America: A Concise History.

Frank Bean

Chancellor's Professor School of Social Sciences and Director, Center for Research on Immigration, Population and Public Policy at University of California at Irvine. (Ph.D. -- Duke University)

Co-Author of: The Diversity Paradox: Immigration and the Color Line in 21st Century America America's Newcomers and the Dynamics of Diversity; The Hispanic Population of the United States.

John Bieter

Professor, Basque Studies, Department of History, Boise State University (Ph.D. -- Boston College)

Author of: An Enduring Legacy: The Story of Basques in Idaho and Becoming Basque: Ethnic Heritage on Boise’s Grove Street.

John Bodnar

Chancellor's Professor, Department of History, Indiana University at Bloomington (Ph.D. -- University of Connecticut)

Author of: The Transplanted: A History of Immigrants in Urban America. Co-Author of: Lives of their Own: Poles, Blacks and Italians in Pittsburgh, 1900-1950.

Carl Bon Tempo

Associate Professor, SUNY-Albany (Ph.D. -- University of Virginia)

Author of: Americans at the Gate: The United States and Refugees during the Cold War.

Mehdi Bozorgmehr

Associate Professor of Sociology; Founding Deputy Director, Master of Arts Program in Middle Eastern Studies; Founding Co-Director, Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center, City College and Graduate Center, City University of New York (Ph.D. -- University of California, Los Angeles)

Author of: Backlash 9/11: Middle Eastern and Muslim Americans Respond; Ethnic Los Angeles.

Caroline Brettell

Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Southern Methodist University (Ph.D. -- Brown University)

Author of: Anthropology and Migration. Co-Editor: International Migration: The Female Experience; Men Who Migrate, Women Who Wait: Population and History in a Portuguese Parish.

Charlotte Brooks

Professor of History and Chair of the Program in Asian and Asian American Studies, Baruch College, City University of New York (Ph.D. -- Northwestern University)

Author of: Alien Neighbors, Foreign Friends: Asian Americans, Housing, and the Transformation of Urban California and Between Mao and McCarthy: Chinese American Politics in the Cold War Years.

John J. Bukowczyk

Professor of History, Wayne State University and Editor: Journal of American Ethnic History (Ph.D. -- Harvard University)

Author of: And My Children Did Not Know Me: A History of the Polish-Americans; Permeable Border: The Great Lakes Basin as Transnational Region, 1650-1990. Editor of: Polish Americans and Their History: Community, Culture, and Politics.

Jon Butler

Howard R. Lamar Emeritus Profess of American Studies, History & Religious Studies, Yale University and President of the Organization of American Historians (Ph.D. -- University of Minnesota)

Author of: The Huguenots in America: A Refugee People in a New World Society.

Geraldo Cadava

Associate Professor, Department of History, Program in Latina and Latino Studies, Northwestern University (Ph.D. Yale -- University)

Author of: Standing on Common Ground: The Making of the Sunbelt Borderland.

Albert Camarillo

Professor of American History, Stanford University, President of the Organization of American Historians for 2012-13 (Ph.D. -- UCLA)

Author of: Mexican American and Ethnic/Racial Borderhoods in American Cities, 1850-2000; Chicanos in a Changing Society: From Mexican Pueblos to American Barrios; Chicanos in California: A History of Mexican Americans.

Nancy Carnevale

Associate Professor of History, Montclair State University (Ph.D. -- Rutgers University)

Author of: A New Language, A New World: Italian Immigrants in the United States, 1890-1945.

Bianet Castellanos

Associate Professor, Department of American Studies, University of Minnesota (Ph.D. -- University of Michigan)

Co-Author of: Comparative Indigeneities of the Américas: Toward a Hemispheric Approach.

Stephen Castles

Research Chair in Sociology, University of Sydney (D. Phil. -- University of Sussex)

Author of: The Age of Migration: International Population Movements in the Modern World; Migration and Development: Perspectives from the South; Citizenship and Migration: Globalization and the Politics of Belonging.

Cindy I-Fen Cheng

Associate Professor of History and the Program in Asian American Studies, University of Wisconsin – Madison (Ph.D. -- University of California, Irvine)

Author of: Citizens of Asian America: Democracy and Race during the Cold War.

Genevieve Clutario

Assistant Professor of History and History & Literature, Harvard University (Ph.D. -- University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

Author of: "History of Filipino Women and Global Migration" in Asian Americans: An Encyclopedia of Social, Cultural, Economic and Political History.

Charles Cohen

E. Gordon Fox Professor of American Institutions, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Ph.D. -- University of California, Berkeley)

Author of: Religion and the Culture of Print in Modern America.

Robin Cohen

Professor of Development Studies and Director of the International Migration Institute, University of Oxford

Author of: Frontiers of Identity: The British and the Others; Global Diasporas: An Introduction; Migration and Its Enemies. Editor of: Routledge Series on Global Diasporas; Cambridge Survey of World Migration.

Roger Daniels

Charles Phelps Taft Professor of History Emeritus, University of Cincinnati (Ph.D. -- UCLA)

Author of: Coming to America: A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life; Not Like Us: Immigrants and Minorities in America, 1890-1924; Guarding the Golden Door; and American Immigration: A Student Companion. Co-Author of: Debating American Immigration, 1882-Present.

Ian Delahanty

Assistant Professor of History, Springfield College (Ph.D. -- Boston College)

Author of: "'Young Empire in the West': Young Ireland, The United States, and Slavery," Britain and the World 6, 2 (September 2013): 171-191.

Grace Peña Delgado

Associate Professor of History, University of California, Santa Cruz (Ph.D. -- UCLA)

Author of: Latino Immigrants in the United States and Making the Chinese Mexican: Global Migration, Localism, and Exclusion in the U.S. Mexican-Borderlands.

Sir Thomas Martin Devine

Professor Emeritus of Scottish History and Paleography, University of Edinburgh, Scotland Director of the Scottish Centre of Diaspora Studies, The University of Edinburgh

Author of: Scottish Emigration & Scottish Society; Scotland's Empire 1600 - 1815; The Scottish Nation 1700 - 2007; To the Ends of the Earth: Scotland’s Global Diaspora 1750-2010. Editor of: Recovering Scotland's Slavery Past.

Tom Dillehay

Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Vanderbilt University (Ph.D. -- University of Texas-Austin)

Author of: The Settlement of the Americas: A New Prehistory; Monuments, Empires, and Resistance: The Araucanian Polity and Ritual Narratives.

Hasia Diner

Professor of American Jewish History and Director of the Center for American Jewish History, New York University (Ph.D. -- University of Illinois-Chicago)

Author of: The Jews of the United States, 1645 to 2000; The Lower East Side Memoirs; The Jewish Place in America; A Time for Gathering 1820-1880: The Second Migration, Volume Two in The Jewish People in America. Co-Author of: Her Works Praise Her: A History of Jewish Women in America from Colonial Times to the Present.

Leonard Dinnerstein

Emeritus Professor of History, the University of Arizona (Ph.D. -- Columbia University)

Author of: Antisemitism in America, Uneasy at Home: Antisemitism and the American Jewish Experience; Natives and Strangers: Ethnic Groups and the Building of Modern America, and Ethnic Americans: A History of Immigration and Assimilation.

Sylviane Anna Diouf

Director of the Lapidus Center for the Historical Analysis of Transatlantic Slavery, New York Public Library Schomburg Center (Ph.D. -- Paris University)

Author of: Slavery's Exiles: The Story of American Maroons; Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in America; Dreams of Africans in Alabama: The Slave Ship Clotilda and the Story of the Last Africans Brought to America; and In Motion: The African-American Migration Experience.

Thomas Dublin

State University of New York Distinguished Professor, Department of History, Binghamton University (Ph.D. -- Columbia University)

Editor of: Immigrant Voices: New Lives in America, 1773-1986; Becoming American, Becoming Ethnic: College Students Explore Their Roots.

Ellen Eisenberg

Dwight & Margaret Lear Professor of American History, Willamette University (Ph.D. -- University of Pennsylvania)

Author of: The First to Cry Down Injustice? Western Jews and Japanese Removal During WWII. Co-Author of: Jews of the Pacific Coast: Reinventing Community on America's Edge.

Robbie Etheridge

Professor of Anthropology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Mississippi (Ph.D. -- University of Georgia)

Author of: Creek Country: The Creek Indians and Their World; Light on the Path: The Anthropology and History of the Southeastern Indians; Mapping the Mississippi Shatter Zone: The Colonial Indian Slave Trade and Regional Instability in the American South; and From Chicaza to Chicasaw: The European Invasion and the Transformation of the Mississippian World, 1540-1715.

Patricia Fernandez-Kelly

Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Faculty Associate; Office of Population Research, Princeton University (Ph.D.s -- Rutgers University and Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City)

Author of: The Hero's Fight: African Americans in West Baltimore and the Shadow of the State and For We are Sold, I and My People: Women and Industry in Mexico's Frontier. Co-Author of: Art in the Lives of Immigrant Communities in the United States and Health Care and Immigration: Understanding the Connections.

William R. Ferris

Joel R. Williamson Eminent Professor of History, Senior Associate Director of the Center for the Study of the American South, University of North Carolina; former chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities (Ph.D. -- University of Pennsylvania)

Author of: The Storied South: Voices of Writers and Artists and Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. Co-Editor of: The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Volume 14: Folklife.

Kathleen Flake

Professor, Richard Lyman Bushman Chair of Mormon Studies, University of Virginia (Ph.D. -- University of Chicago)

Author of: The Politics of Religious Identity: The Seating of Senator Reed Smoot, Mormon Apostle. Editorial board of: Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation and Journal of Mormon Studies.

Lori Flores

Assistant Professor of History, Stony Brook University, SUNY (Ph.D. -- Stanford University)

Author of: Unharvested Dreams: Mexican Americans, Mexican Immigrants and the Making of Agricultural California.

Nancy Foner

Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center (Ph.D. -- University of Chicago)

Author of: From Ellis Island to JFK: New York's Two Great Waves of Immigration; In a New Land: A Comparative View of Immigration. Co-Editor of: Not Just Black and White: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States; Editor of: Across Generations: Immigrant Families in America; Islands in the City: West Indian Migrations to New York; New Immigrants in New York.

Sylvia Frey

Professor Emerita of History, Tulane University (Ph.D. -- Tulane University)

Author of: Water from the Rock: Black Resistance in a Revolutionary Age; Come Shouting to Zion. Former Director Deep South Region Humanities Center.

Donna Gabaccia

Professor of History and Director, Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota (Ph.D. -- University of Michigan-Ann Arbor)

Author of: From the Other Side: Women, Gender, and Immigrant Life in the U.S., 1820-1990; A Longer Atlantic in a Wider World. Co-Author of: Immigrant Lives in the US: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives; Gender and Migration. Co-Editor of: American Dreaming, Global Realities: Rethinking U.S. Immigration History. Editor of: Seeking Common Ground: Multi-Disciplinary Studies of Immigrant Women in the United States.

Matt Gallman

Professor of History, University of Florida (Ph.D. -- Brandeis University)

Author of: Receiving Erin’s Children: Philadelphia, Liverpool, and the Irish Famine Migration, 1845-1855.

Margaret Garb

Professor, Department of History, Washington University in St. Louis (Ph.D. -- Columbia University)

Author of: Freedom's Ballot: African American Political Struggles in Chicago from Abolition to the Great Migration.

Ignacio Garcia

Professor of Western & Latino History at Brigham Young University.

Author of: United We Win: The Rise and Fall of La Raza Unida Part.

Maria Cristina Garcia

Professor, Department of History, Cornell University (Ph.D. -- University of Texas, Austin)

Author of: Havana USA: Cuban Exiles and Cuban Americans in South Florida, 1959-1994; Seeking Refuge: Central American Immigration to Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

Ervan Garrison

Professor and head of the Department of Anthropology, University of Georgia (Ph.D. -- University of Missouri)

Author of: Techniques for Archaeological Geology.

C. Joseph Genetin-Pilawa

Assistant Professor of History, Department of History and Art History, George Mason University (Ph.D. -- Michigan State University)

Author and Editor of: Crooked Paths to Allotment: The Fight over Federal Indian Policy After the Civil War and Beyond Two Worlds: Critical Conversations on Language and Power in Native North America.

David Gerber

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of History, University of Buffalo (Ph.D. – Princeton University)

Author of: Authors Of Their Own Lives: Personal Correspondence In The Lives Of Nineteenth Century British Immigrants To The United States.

Gary Gerstle

Paul Mellon Professor of American History, University of Cambridge (Ph.D. -- Harvard University)

Author of: Working-Class Americanism: The Politics of Labor in a Textile City, 1914-1960; American Crucible: Race and Nation in the Twentieth Century. Co-Author of: Liberty, Equality, Power: A History of the American People. Co-Editor of: E Pluribus Unum? Contemporary and Historical Perspectives on Immigrant Political Incorporation.

Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert

Dean's Fellow and Conrad Humanities Scholar in the College of LAS, Associate Professor of History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Ph.D. -- UC Riverside)

Author of: Education Beyond the Mesas.

Ted Goebel

Associate Director, Center for the Study of the First Americans, Department of Anthropology, Texas A&M University

Author of numerous articles, published in esteemed peer-review journals such as Science and The Journal of Archeological Science.

Tanya Maria Golash-Boza

Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California, Merced (Ph.D. -- University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Author of: Immigration Nation: Raids, Detentions and Deportations in Post-9/11 America.

Cheryl Greenberg

Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of History, Trinity College (Ph.D. -- Columbia University)

Author of: Troubling the Waters: Black-Jewish Relations in the American Century.

Patrick Griffin

Madden-Hennebry Professor of History, University of Notre Dame (Ph.D. -- Northwestern University)

Author of: The People with No Name: Ireland's Ulster Scots, America's Scots Irish, and the Creation of a British Atlantic World.

Gwendolyn Hall

Professor of History Emeritus, Rutgers University (Ph.D. -- University of Michigan)

Author of: Africans in Colonial Louisiana: The Development of Afro-Creole Culture in the Eighteenth Century and Slavery and African Ethnicities in the Americas: Restoring the Links.

Marilyn Halter

Professor of History and Research Associate, Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs, Boston University (Ph.D. -- Boston University)

Author of: Between Race and Ethnicity: Cape Verdean American Immigrants, 1860-1965; Shopping for Identity: The Marketing of Ethnicity; Co-Author of: What's New about the New Immigration to the US: Traditions and Transformations since 1965 (In progress). Editor of: New Migrants in the Marketplace: Boston's Ethnic Entrepreneurs.

Hidetaka Hirota

Lecturer, History Department and the Century for the Study of Ethnicity and Race, Columbia University (Ph.D. -- Boston College)

Author of: "The Moment of Transition: State Officials, the Federal Government, and the Formation of American Immigration Policy." Journal of American History 99, no. 4 (2013): 1092-1108.

Dirk Hoerder

Professor of History, Arizona State University (Ph.D. -- Free University of Berlin)

Author of: Cultures in Contact: World Migrations in the Second Millennium; Creating Societies, Immigrant Lives in Canada; Crowd Action in Revolutionary Massachusetts, 1785-1780. Co-Author of: Distant Magnets: Expectations and Realities in the Immigrant Experience, 1840-1930 (Ellis Island).

Franca Iacovetta

Professor of History, University of Toronto (Ph.D. -- York University)

Co-Editor of: Sisters or Strangers?: Immigrant, Ethnic and Racialized Women in Canadian History; Women, Gender and Transnational Lives: Italy's Workers of the World; Such Hardworking People: Italian Immigrants in Post-War Toronto.

Michael Innis-Jiménez

Associate Professor, Department of American Studies, University of Alabama (Ph.D. -- University of Iowa)

Author of: The Steel Barrio: The Great Mexican Migration to South Chicago, 1915-1940.

Z. Maurice Jackson

Associate Professor of History, Georgetown University (Ph.D. -- Georgetown University)

Author of: Let This Voice be Heard: Anthony Benezet, Father of Atlantic Abolitionism; Co-Editor of: African-Americans and the Haitian Revolution: Selected Essays and Historical Documents.

Matthew Jacobson

Professor of American Studies and History, Chair, American Studies, Yale University (Ph.D. -- Brown University)

Author of: Roots Too: White Ethnic Revival in Post-Civil Rights America; Barbarian Virtues: The United States Encounters Foreign Peoples at Home and Abroad, 1876-1917; Special Sorrows: The Diasporic Imagination of Irish, Polish, and Jewish Immigrants in the United States.

Ely M. Janis

Dept. of History, Political Science and Public Policy, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (Ph.D. -- Boston College)

Author of: A Greater Ireland: The Land League and Transatlantic Nationalism in Gilded Age America.

Anna Jaroszynska-Kirchman

Professor of History, Eastern Connecticut State University (Ph.D. -- University of Minnesota)

Author of: The Exile Mission: The Polish Political Diaspora and Polish Americans, 1939-1956 and The Polish Hearst: Ameryka-Echo and the Public Role of the Immigrant Press.

Marilynn Johnson

Professor of History, Boston College (Ph.D. -- New York University)

Author of: The New Bostonians. Co-Author of: America's History, 4th Ed.; What's New about the New Immigration to the US: Traditions and Transformations since 1965 (In progress).

Michael Jones-Correa

Professor of Government, Cornell University (Ph.D. -- Princeton University)

Author of: Between Two Nations: The Predicament of Latinos in New York City. Co-Author of: Latino Lives in America: Making It Home. Editor of: Governing American Cities: Interethnic Coalitions, Competition, and Conflict.

Jonathan Karp

Associate Professor of History, Binghamton University, SUNY (Ph.D. -- Columbia University)

Author of: The Politics of Jewish Commerce: Economic Ideology and Emancipation in Europe, 1638-1848. Co-Editor of: The Art of Being Jewish in Modern Times: Essays on Jews and Aesthetic Culture; and Philosemitism in History.

Philip Kasinitz

Presidential Professor and Executive Officer, Doctoral Program in Sociology,City University of New York, Graduate Center (Ph.D. -- New York University)

Author of: Caribbean New York: Black Immigrants and the Politics of Race.

Ryan Keating

Assistant Professor, History, College of Social Science and Behavioral Sciences, California State University San Bernadino (Ph.D. -- Fordham University)

Author of: Many Shades of Green: Irish Regiments and American Communities in the Civil War Era.

Kevin Kenny

Professor of History, Boston College (Ph.D. -- Columbia University)

Author of: Making Sense of the Molly Maguires; The American Irish: A History; Peaceable Kingdom Lost: The Paxton Boys and the Destruction of William Penn's Holy Experiment. Contributing Editor of: Ireland and the British Empire; New Directions in Irish-American History.

Thomas Kessner

Distinguished Professor of History, Graduate Center, City University of New York (Ph.D. -- Columbia University)

Author of: Today's Immigrants, Their Stories: A New Look at the Newest Americans; and The Golden Door: Italian and Jewish Immigrant Mobility in New York City, 1980-1915.

Vitaut Kipel

Director, Belarusan Institute of Arts and Sciences (Ph.D. -- Catholic University of Louvain- Belgium)

Author of: Belarusans in the United States; Byelorussian Americans and their Communities in Cleveland.

Peter Kivisto

Richard A. Swanson Professor of Social Thought, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Welfare, Augustana College (Ph.D. -- The New School for Social Research)

Author of: Immigration and Religion.

Gerald R. Kleinfeld

Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University and Founder and Executive Director, German Studies Association (Ph.D. –- New York University)

Author of: Hitler's Spanish Legion; Editor of: German Studies Review; Co-editor of: Precarious Victory: The 2002 German Federal Election and Its Aftermath; Germany’s New Politics: Parties and Issues in the 1990s; Power Shift in Germany: The 1998 Election and the End of the Kohl Era.

Rachel Kranson

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, University of Pittsburgh (Ph.D. -- New York University)

Author of: "To be a Jew on America’s Terms is not to be a Jew at All: The Jewish Counterculture’s Critique of Middle-Class Affluence," Journal of Jewish Identities 8.2 (July 2015).

Alan M. Kraut

University Professor of History, American University, Chair of the History Advisory Committee of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, and former President, Immigration and Ethnic History Society (Ph.D. -- Cornell University)

Author of: The Huddled Masses: The Immigrant in American Society, 1880-1921; Silent Travelers: Germs, Genes, and the "Immigrant Menace". Co-Editor of: American Immigration and Ethnicity: A Reader.

Erika Lee

Associate Professor of History, University of Minnesota (Ph.D. -- University of California, Berkeley)

Author of: At America's Gates: Chinese Immigration during the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943.

Judith Lee

Charles F. Zumkehr Professor of Speech Communication, Ohio University (Ph.D. -- University of Chicago)

Author of: Garrison Keillor: A Voice of America; Co-Editor of: The Midwest; Former Director Center Region Humanities Center.

Peggy Levitt

Professor of Sociology at Wellesley College and a Research Fellow at The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs and The Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University where she co-directs The Transnational Studies Initiative. (Ph.D. -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Author of: God Needs No Passport: Immigrants and the Changing American Religious Landscape; The Transnational Studies Reader; The Changing Face of Home; The Transnational Villagers.

Wei Li

Professor of Ethnic Geography at Arizona State University (Ph.D. -- University of Southern California).

Co-Editor of: Immigrant Geographies in North American Cities and Landscapes of the Ethnic Economy. Author of: Ethnoburb: the New Ethnic Community in Urban America and From Urban Enclave to Ethnic Suburb: New Asian Communities in Pacific Rim Countries.

Edward Linenthal

Professor of History, Indiana University (Ph.D. -- University of California-Santa Barbara)

Author of: Sacred Ground: Americans and Their Battlefields; Preserving Memory: The Struggle to Create America’s Holocaust Museum. Co-Editor of: American Sacred Space.

Huping Ling

Professor of History, Truman State University (Ph.D. -- Miami University)

Author of: Chinese Chicago: Race, Transnational Migration, and Community Since 1870; Voices of the Heart: Asian American Women on Immigration, Work, and Family; Chinese in St. Louis: 1857-2007; Chinese St. Louis: From Enclave to Cultural Community; Pin Piao Mei Guo: New Immigrants in America; Surviving on the Gold Mountain: A History of Chinese American Women and Their Lives; and Jinshan Yao: A New Chinese American History.

Andrew Lipman

Assistant Professor of History, Barnard College, Columbia University

Author of: The Saltwater Frontier: Indians and the Contest for the American Coast

Cindy R. Lobel

Associate Professor of History, Lehman College (Ph.D. -- CUNY Graduate Center)

Author of: Urban Appetites: Food and Culture in Nineteenth Century New York.

Leo Lucassen

Professor of Social History, University of Leiden (Ph.D. -- University of Leiden)

Author of: The Immigrant Threat: The Integration of Old and New Migration in Western Europe Since 1850; Migration, Migration History, History: Old Paradigms and New Perspectives. Editor of: Paths of Integration: Migrants in Western Europe (1880-2004).

Daryl Maeda

Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of Colorado Boulder (Ph.D. -- University of Michigan)

Author of: Rethinking the Asian American Movement and Chains of Babylon: The Rise of Asian America.

Andrae Marak

Chair, Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor of History and Political Science, Governors State University

Author of: At the Border of Empires: The Tohono O'odham, Gender and Assimilation, 1880-1934.

Maddalena Marinari

Assistant Professor, Department of History, Gustavus Adolphus College (Ph.D. -- University of Kansas)

Author of: "Lyndon B. Johnson and Immigration," with Donna R. Gabaccia, in Mitchell Lerner, ed., A Companion to Lyndon B. Johnson and "‘An Acrid Odor of the 1920s is Again in the Air’: The Strange Career of American Nativism and What John Higham’s Strangers in the Land Can still Help us Uncover Today," Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (April 2012).

John D. Marquez

Associate Professor of African American and Latina/o Studies, Northwestern University (Ph.D. -- UC San Diego)

Author of: Black-Brown Solidarity: Racial Politics in the New Gulf South.

José Antonio Mazzotti

Professor of Romance Languages and Latin American Studies& Director, Revista de Crítica Literaria Latinoamericana, Tufts University (Ph.D. -- Princeton University)

Co-Editor of: Creole Subjects in the Colonial Americas: Empires, Texts, Identities and The Other Latinos: Central and South Americans in the United States.

Adam McKeown

Associate Professor at the History Department of Columbia University. (Ph.D. -- University of Chicago)

Author of: Melancholy Order: Asian Migration and the Globalization of Borders, 1834-1929; Chinese Migrant Networks and Cultural Change: Peru, Chicago and Hawaii, 1900-1936.

Cecilia Menjivar

Cowden Distinguished Professor, School of Social and Family Dynamics, Department of Sociology, Arizona State University (Ph.D. -- University of California, Davis)

Author of: Fragmented Ties: Salvadoran Immigrant Networks in America. Co-Editor of: When States Kill: Latin America, the U.S. and Technologies of Terror; Latinos/as in the United States: Changing the Face of America.

David Meyer

Professor of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, UC Irvine (Ph.D. -- Boston University)

Author of: The Politics of Protest: Social Movements in America.

Kerby Miller

Curator's Professor, Department of History, University of Missouri (Ph.D. -- University of California, Berkeley)

Author of: Emigrants and Exiles: Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America; Irish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan: Letters and Memoirs from Colonial and Revolutionary America, 1675-1815; Ireland and Irish America: Culture, Class, and Transatlantic Migration.

Ewa Morawska

Professor of Sociology, University of Essex (Ph.D. -- Boston University)

Author of: Sociology of Immigration; Immigrant-Black Dissensions in American Cities: An Argument for Multiple Explanations. Co-Editor of: International Migration Research: Construction, Omissions, and Promises of Interdisiplinarity.

Jose C. Moya

Professor of History and Director of Forum on Migration, Barnard College, Columbia University (Ph.D. -- Rutgers University)

Author of: Cousins and Strangers: Spanish Immigrants in Buenos Aires, 1850-1930. Editor of: Latin American Historiography.

Lourdes Gutiérrez Nájera

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Drake University (Ph.D. -- University of Michigan)

Co-Editor of: Comparative Indigeneities of the Américas.

Joseph Nevins

Assistant Professor of Geography, Vassar College (Ph.D. –- UCLA)

Author of: Operation Gatekeeper and Beyond: The War on "Illegals" and the Remaking of the U.S.-Mexico Boundary; Dying to Live: A Story of U.S. Immigration in an Age of Global Apartheid

Mae Ngai

Professor of Asian American Studies and of History, Columbia University (Ph.D. -- Columbia University)

Author of: Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America.

John Nieto-Philips

Associate Professor, Department of Latino Studies & Department of History, Indiana University (Ph.D. -- University of California, Los Angeles)

Author of: The Language of Blood: The Making of Spanish American Identity in New Mexico, 1880s-1930s.

erin Khue Ninh

Associate Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara (Ph.D. -- University of California, Berkley)

Author of: Ingratitude: The Debt-Bound Daughter in Asian American Literature.

Arissa Oh

Assistant Professor of History, Boston College (Ph.D. -- University of Chicago)

Author of: A New Kind of Missionary Work: Christians, Christian Americanists and the Adoption of Korean GI Babies, 1955-1961.

Gary Y. Okihiro

Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University (Ph.D. -- University of California-Los Angeles)

Author of: Impounded: Dorothea Lang and the Censored Images of Japanese American Internment; The Columbia Guide to Asian American History; Common Ground: Reimagining American History.

Fernando Orejuela

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University (Ph.D. -- Indiana University)

Author of: Rap and Hip Hop Culture.

Mark Overmyer-Velázquez

Associate Professor of History, University of Connecticut (Ph.D. -- Yale University)

Author and Editor of: "Good Neighbors and White Mexicans: Constructing Race and Nation on the Mexico-US Border" Journal of American Ethnic History (University of Illinois Press), Fall 2013, Vol. 33, No. 1, 5-34 and Beyond la Frontera: The History of Mexico-US Migration.

Silvia Pedraza

Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Michigan (Ph.D. -- University of Chicago)

Author of: Political Disaffection in Cuba's Revolution and Exodus, Political and Economic Migrants in America: Cubans and Mexicans; Co-Author of: Origins and Destinies: Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity in America

Josh Perelman

Chief Curator and Director of Exhibitions and Collections, National Museum of American Jewish History (Ph.D. - New York University).

Nathan Perl-Rosenthal

Associate Professor of History, University of Southern California (Ph.D. -- Columbia University)

Author of: Citizen Sailors: Becoming American in the Age of Revolution.

James Pula

Professor of History, Purdue University (Ph.D. -- Purdue University)

Author of: Polish Americans: An Ethnic Community.

David Reimers

Professor Emeritus, New York University (Ph.D. -- University of Wisconsin)

Author of: Still the Golden Door: The Third World Comes to America and Other Immigrants: the Global Origins of the American People.

Vicki L. Ruiz

Distinguished Professor of History and Chicano/Latino Studies at the University of California, Irvine.

Author of: From Out of the Shadows: Mexican Women in Twentieth-Century America.

Joe Salmons

Lester W.J. "Smoky" Seifert Professor of Germanic Linguistics, the University of Wisconsin (Ph.D. -- University of Texas, Austin)

Author of: A History of German: What the past reveals about today's language; Former Director Center for Upper Midwestern Studies.

George Sanchez

Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity, and of History, University of Southern California (Ph.D. -- Stanford University)

Author of: Becoming Mexican American: Ethnicity, Culture and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945; What's Good for Boyle Heights is Good for the Jews: Creating Multiracialism on the Eastside during the 1950's.

Cathy J. Schlund-Vials

Director, Asian and Asian American Studies Institute, University of Connecticut, Storrs (Ph.D. -- University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Author of: Modeling Citizenship: Jewish and Asian American Writings.

Leah Schmalzbauer

Associate Professor of Sociology and American Studies, Amherst College (Ph.D. -- Boston College)

Author of: The Last Best Place?: Gender, Family and Migration in the New West.

Nitasha Tamar Sharma

Associate Professor, African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Northwestern University (Ph.D. -- University of California, Santa Barbara)

Author of: Hidden Hapas: Multiracial Blacks and Blackness in Hawai'i.

Tobin Miller Shearer

Associate Professor, History Department, African-American Studies Director, University of Montana (Ph.D. -- Northwestern University)

Author of: Daily Demonstrators: The Civil Rights Movement in Mennonite Homes and Sanctuaries.

Audrey Singer

Senior Fellow of the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings Institution. (Ph.D. -- University of Texas at Austin)

Co-Editor of: Twenty-First Century Gateways: Immigrant Incorporation in Suburban America.

Joseph Slade

Professor, Ohio University (Ph.D. -- New York University)

Director of Central Region Humanities Center

Arwin Smallwood

Professor of History and Department Chair, North Carolina A&T State University (Ph.D. -- The Ohio State University)

Author of: The Atlas of African-American History & Politics: From the Slave Trade to the Modern Times; Mapping African American History: A Map Work Book.

Seema Sohi

Assistant Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies, University of Colorado Boulder (Ph.D. -- University of Washington)

Author of: Echoes of Mutiny: Race, Surveillance, and Indian Anticolonialism in North America.

Werner Sollors

Henry B. and Anne M. Cabot Chair as Professor of English and Professor of African American Studies at Harvard University. (Ph.D. -- Freie Universitat Berlin)

Author of: Ethnic Modernism; Beyond Ethnicity: Consent and Descent in American Culture; Neither Black Nor White and Yet Both: Thematic Explorations of Interracial Literature; Editor of: The Promised Land; Theories of Ethnicity: A Classical Reader; Multilingual America; Interracialism.

Jordan Stanger-Ross

Associate Professor, History and Project Director, Landscapes of Injustice, University of Victoria, British Columbia (Ph.D. -- University of Pennsylvania)

Author of: Staying Italian: Urban Change and Ethnic Life in Postwar Toronto and Philadelphia.

Mark Stolarik

Professor and Chair in Slovak History & Culture, University of Ottawa and former President and CEO of the Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, Philadelphia, 1979-1991 (Ph.D. -- University of Minnesota)

Author of: Forgotten Doors: The Other Ports of Entry into the United States; The Slovak Americans; and Immigration and Urbanization: The Slovak Experience.

Thomas J. Sugrue

Professor of History and Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University (Ph.D. -- Harvard University)

Author of: The Origins of the Urban Crisis; Sweet Land of Liberty: The Forgotten Struggle for Civil Rights in the North; Not Even Past: Barack Obama and the Burden of Race; Co-Author of: These United States: A Nation in the Making, 1890 to the Present.

Dan Tichenor

Philip H. Knight Professor of Social Science and Senior Faculty, Fellow at the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, the University of Oregon (Ph.D. -- Brandeis University)

Author of: Faustian Bargains: Borders, Undocumented Immigrants and the American State; Dividing Line: The Politics of Immigration Control in America; Debates on Immigration and The Politics of International Migration.

Gloria Totoricaguena

Director, Basque Global Initiatives, Pentsamendua Foundation: A Laboratory for Thought and Inquiry, Bilbao, Spain (Ph.D. -- London School of Economics)

Author of: Basque Diaspora: Migration and Transnational Identity; The Basques of New York: A Cosmopolitan Experience; Identity, Culture, and Politics: Comparing the Basque Diaspora. Editor of: Opportunity Structures in Diaspora Relations: Comparisons in Contemporary Multilevel Politics of Diaspora and Transnational Identity.

Thomas Tweed

Professor, Harold and Martha Welch Endowed Chair in American Studies, University of Notre Dame (Ph.D. -- Stanford University)

Author of: "America's Church": The National Shrine and Catholic Presence in the Nation's Capital; Our Lady of the Exile: Diasporic Religion at a Cuban Catholic Shrine in Miami; The American Encounter with Buddhism, 1844-1912: Victorian Culture and the Limits of Dissent and Co-Editor: Asian Religions in America: A Documentary History.

Reed Ueda

Professor of History, Tufts University (Ph.D. -- Harvard University)

Editor and Co-Editor of: A Companion to American Immigration and The New Americans.

Keja Valens

Professor, Salem State University (Ph.D. -- Harvard University)

Co-Editor of: Passing Lines: Sexuality and Immigration.

Zaragosa Vargas

Kenan Distinguished Professor of Latino Studies, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Ph.D. -- University of Michigan)

Author of: Proletarians of the North: A History of Mexicans in Industrial Detroit and the Midwest; Labor Rights Are Civil Rights: Mexican American Workers in Twentieth-Century America; and Crucible of Struggle: A History of Mexican America from Colonial Times to the Present. Co-Editor of: Passing Lines: Sexuality and Immigration.

Diane Vecchio

Professor, Furman University (Ph.D. -- Syracuse University)

Author of: Merchants, Midwives, and Laboring Women: Italian Migrants in Urban America.

Domenic Vitiello

Associate Professor of City Planning and Urban Studies, University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D. -- University of Pennsylvania)

Co-Editor of: Immigration and Metropolitan Revitalization; Contributing Author of: Art in the Lives of Immigrant Communities in the U.S.; Immigrant Geographies of North American Cities; What's New about the "New" Immigration to the United States?

Linda Trinh Vo

Associate Professor of Asian American Studies, Director - Vietnamese American Oral History Project, University of California, Irvine (Ph.D. -- University of California, San Diego)

Author of: Mobilizing an Asian American Community. Co-Author of: Vietnamese in Orange County. Co-Editor of: Contemporary Asian American Communities: Intersection and Divergences; Asian American Women: The "Frontiers" Reader; Labor Versus Empire: Race, Gender, and Migration; and Keywords for Asian American Studies.

Kyle G. Volk

Associate Professor of History, University of Montana (Ph.D. -- University of Chicago)

Author of: Moral Minorities and the Making of American Democracy.

Priscilla Wald

R. Florence Brinkley Professor of English and Margaret Taylor Smith Director of Women's Studies, Duke University (Ph.D. -- Columbia University)

Author of: Constituting Americans: Cultural Anxiety and Narrative Form.

Roger Waldinger

Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Interim Associate Vice-Provost for International Studies at UCLA (Ph.D. -- Harvard University)

Author of: How the Other Half Works: Immigration and the Social Organization of Labor; Strangers at the Gates: New Immigrants in Urban America; Still the Promised City? New Immigrants and African-Americans in Post-Industrial New York; Ethnic Los Angeles.

Wang Gungwu

University Professor and Chairman, East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore (Ph.D. -- University of London)

Author of: The Chinese Overseas: From Earthbound China to the Quest for Autonomy; China and the Chinese Overseas; Global History and Migrations.

Mary Waters

Professor of Sociology, Harvard University (Ph.D. -- University of California-Berkeley)

Author of: Black Identities: West Indian Immigrant Dreams and American Realities; Becoming New Yorkers: Ethnographies in the New Second Generation. Co-Editor of: Changing Face of Home: The Transnational Lives of the Second Generation.

Peter Way

Professor, Department of History, University of Windsor (Ph.D. -- University of Maryland)

Author of: Common Labour: Workers and the Digging of North American Canals, 1780-1860.

Jace Weaver

Franklin Professor of Religion and Native American Studies, University of Georgia (Ph.D. -- Union Theological Seminary)

Author of: That The People Might Live: Native American Literature and Native American Community.

Cornel West

Professor of Religion and of African American Studies, Princeton University (Ph.D. -- Princeton University)

Author of: Race Matters; Democracy Matters: Winning the Fight Against Imperialism. Co-Author of: The African American Century: How Black Americans Have Shaped Our Country.

Michael Zuckerman

Professor of History and Chair of the Faculty Editorial Board at University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D. -- Harvard University)

Author of: Peaceable Kingdoms: New England Towns in the Eighteenth Century; Friends and Neighbors: Group Life in America's Society. Co-Editor of: Almost Chosen People: Oblique Biographies in the American Grain; Encyclopedia of the New American Nation: The Emergence of the United States, 1754-1829.