Why Our Nation Needs the NMAP

The United States needs the National Museum of the American People because:

  1. It will be America's only national institution devoted exclusively to telling the full story about the making of the American People;
  2. Our nation was uniquely created and built by peoples from every land; they made us the world's economic, military, scientific and cultural leader;
  3. It will celebrate all of the peoples who came to this land and nation, from the very first to the most recent;
  4. It will tell the compelling stories about every group's migration and immigration to these shores and the story of their subsequent migrations within the country;
  5. It will foster a sense of belonging to the nation by telling about the mosaic of people that have come here;
  6. It will contribute to our national identity and unity;
  7. The full story about the making of the American people is not well known or understood by the American people or by foreigners;
  8. People from every American ethnic, nationality, minority and genealogical group will flock to the Museum to see how their own group's story is told and to learn the stories of every other group;
  9. It has the support of more than 245 diverse organizations representing virtually every major American ethnic and minority group;
  10. Foreign visitors will come to learn about natives of their countries who became Americans;
  11. It will be a top destination for school groups visiting Washington;
  12. It will foster learning nationwide through its education and curriculum programs;
  13. It can become a national pilgrimage destination and be among the most visited museums in the world;
  14. Eminent scholars will provide the intellectual bedrock upon which it will be built;
  15. It has the support of more than 130 scholars of immigration and migration history;
  16. It will incorporate a Center for the Advanced Study of the American People to foster knowledge about who we are;
  17. It will be a resource for state, local and ethnic museums throughout the nation;
  18. It has bipartisan support;
  19. Canada and Mexico have major national museums in their capitals telling the story of their peoples and they're among the most visited museums in those nations;
  20. As the central story of our nation, it belongs near the National Mall in Washington;
  21. It can incorporate these components: a film center, genealogical center, nationwide peopling of America sites, bookstore, public programs, collections and special and travelling exhibits;
  22. It will provide a range of knowledge, learning, stimulation and entertainment for visitors;
  23. No federal tax money is planned to design, build or operate it;
  24. It will show how our central documents, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, helped shape the American character;
  25. Our Constitution begins "We the People of the United States..." This Museum will tell who "We the People" are;
  26. It will embody our original national motto: E Pluribus Unum - From Many One;
  27. It will be the best story-telling museum in our nation;
  28. It is the most important American museum that doesn't exist ... YET!