November 18, 2015

178 Ethnic Organizations, 135 Scholars Now Support National Museum of the American People Study

More than 60 new scholars of the immigration of diverse groups to the United States have joined in support for the National Museum of the American People since September 1st, bringing the total to 135.

During that period more than 20 new ethnic organizations have also announced support for the museum, bringing their total to 178.

The museum will tell the dramatic story about the making of the American People from the first humans in the Western Hemisphere through today. Every ethnic, nationality and minority group will be included along a chronological path as though walking through a documentary film of this history.

While the largest number of scholars focus on a range of Eastern, Western and Southern European groups that came to this land and nation, there are 14 who focus on African American history, 21 on Latino history, 20 on Asian American history, 10 on Jewish American history and 6 scholars focused on the history of American Indians.

Museum backers are seeking a Presidential Commission to study establishment of the museum.