''E Pluribus Unum''

The Museum is About the Making of the American People

The Museum will become the best history museum anywhere. It will tell one of the greatest stories in human history about peoples assembling from every corner of our globe to become a people and to build a nation that leads the world economically, militarily, scientifically and culturally.

The Museum Has Broad Support

People from every American nationality, minority and ethnic group will come to the Museum to see their own's group's story and to learn the stories of others.

Foreign visitors will come to learn about natives of their countries who became Americans.

The Museum's Story: From First Peoples to Today

The Museum will celebrate all of the peoples who came to this land and this nation, from the very first to the most recent, and tell the dramatic and compelling story about their migration and immigration to these shores and the story of their subsequent migrations within the country.


We the People...

United States Constitution